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UPComing Events

The New Baltimore Trade Center has a variety of shows and events every weekend! Check out our events below and come out and shop with us this weekend! We are always looking for new vendors, give us a call today to set up a table at our events (586) 273-7900

Events in February

Feb Brides.png


Feb Card Show.png

Feb. 11th

Feb V-Day Walk.png

Feb. 12th

Feb Superbowl.png

Feb. 12th

Feb  Die-Cast.png

Feb. 18th

Screenshot (100).png

Feb. 15th

Feb Auction.png

Feb. 17th

Feb Music.png

Feb. 25th

Events in March

March Funko.png

March 4th

March Die Cast.png

March 18th

March Card Show.png

March 11th

March Arts & Crafts.png

March 19th

March Easter.png

March 17th

March Scrapbook.png

March 25th

March-26 Book Show.png

March 26th

Events in April

Screenshot (24).png

April 2nd

April-8 Card Show.png

April 8th

April-9 Easter.png

April 9th

April-14 Auction.png

April 14th

April-15 Bots.png

April 15th

April Comic & Anime Expo.png


22nd & 23rd

April-29 Die-Cast.png

April 29th

Events in May

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