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UPComing Events

The New Baltimore Trade Center has a variety of shows and events every weekend! Check out our events below and come out and shop with us this weekend! We are always looking for new vendors, give us a call today to set up a table at our events (586) 273-7900

Events in May


May 5th

May 6th


May 7th


May 13th

May 20th & 21st

May 21st & 22nd


May 14th

May-27 & 28.png

May 27th

May-19 Drumming Circle.png

May 19th

May 26th.png

May 26th

Events in June

Screenshot (329).png

June 3rd

Screenshot (2318).png

June 17th & 18th


June 10th


June 16th

June-17 3.png

June 17th & 18th

June 17th & 18th


June 24th

June 30th

June 30th.png

Events in July

July 1st & 2nd.png

July 1st & 2nd

July 15th & 16th.png

July 15th & 16th

July 8th.png

July 8th

July 21st.png

July 21st

July 14th.png

July 14th

July 22nd & 23rd.png

July 22nd & 23rd

July 28th.png

July 28th

July 29th & 30th.png

July 29th & 30th

Events in Aug.

Aug. 5th & 6th.png

Aug. 5th & 6th

Tack Show.png

Aug. 19th & 20th

Aug. 10th

Aug. 10th - 13th

Aug. 25th

Aug. 25th

Aug. 12th

Aug. 12th

Aug. 26th.png

Aug. 26th

Mark Your Calendars

Aug. 5th & 6th.png

Aug. 5th & 6th

Aug. 19th & 20th.png

Aug. 19th & 20th

Screenshot (2281).png

Aug. 10th - 13th

Oct. 7th & 8th.png

Oct. 7th & 8th

Oct. 28th & 29th.png

Oct. 28th & 29th


Sept. 30th

3D Print & Fresh Market.png

Now Until Nov. 1st

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